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I started JODIBLK.com in 2014 as a creative outlet to share my style and the things that inspire me.

I live in Toronto, Canada with my husband Jose. My mantra in life is - Less is more.

I look forward to sharing my life + style with you. xx


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Hi beauties, this image did really well on my Instagram feed so I thought it'd be fun to share a few details related to this image. I'm still into black nails and get shellac done regularly at the best underground asian nail salon in the city. It's not really underground but it kinda feels like it should be illegal because it's so darn cheap, so darn good, and so darn fast. I'm still loving my Daniel Wellington watch. It's understated, simple and feels humble to me. I'm still staring at my engagement ring. It's time to start thinking about wedding bands. I'm thinking stacked skinny diamond rings but not sure yet. I'm open to sugguestions. I'm the type of person who always knows what I want but has a really hard time making a decision because I always second guess myself. I've had my Pia Wallen blanket for over a year but I'm too afraid to actually use it because I love it so much. And yes, I do plan on bringing it with me when I die. Lastly, I drink way too much coffee but I like it.