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I started JODIBLK.com in 2014 as a creative outlet to share my style and the things that inspire me.

I live in Toronto, Canada with my husband Jose. My mantra in life is - Less is more.

I look forward to sharing my life + style with you. xx



I'm so excited to break out my spring wardrobe. I'm currently obsessing over high quality cottons. My must haves for spring are streamlined bodycon dresses (#trending), simple cotton v-neck tees, burnout cotton tanks, ripped boyfriend denim and distressed denim shorts. Throw in a pair of converse and a great leather jacket and you've summed up my entire spring wardrobe.

Spring styling is supposed to look effortless, like you've thrown on your outfit with ease. One trick to achieving this is picking wardrobe staples that can be worn with almost everything else in your closet. I take it one step further and limit my wardrobe to shades of black, grey, white and nudes. By sticking to a neutral colour pallet it allows me to get dressed in the morning without having to overthink my look. 

I've had colourful spring wardrobes in the past but I often struggled with having nothing to wear despite a closet filled with great clothes. I would buy something bright, wear it once and then never really wear it again. I was collecting a wardrobe of one-offs. Since purging my closet of clutter and color I now feel like I love and wear all of my basics all the time.

My style philosophy is to buy less but choose well. This mantra also allows me to afford more big ticket items because I'm not wasting my funds on way too many items that I'll only wear once. I think my younger sister Meaghan has also benefited from my minimalist closet because her closet is now filled with my colourful stuff. 

Babaton Freddie Dress

Mackage White leather Mini Crossbody Bag

illesteva Leonard II

Nike Roshes - last season

Ear Branch Earring  + Layered Necklace from The Exhibit - Online shop launching soon