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I started JODIBLK.com in 2014 as a creative outlet to share my style and the things that inspire me.

I live in Toronto, Canada with my husband Jose. My mantra in life is - Less is more.

I look forward to sharing my life + style with you. xx



I stopped by to see my hairstylist Guido Di Salle yesterday for a  color refresh and a light trim, we call this a micro-trim. I really like how Guido created subtle shape at the bottom of my hair with long layers. Pre-Guido it went straight across and kind of looked like a mop. I'm currently on a major wedding hair mission which means regular trims and color maintenance is a must. The great thing about being a blogger is  I can monitor how my hair photographs. I swear it's a different color in every picture. My goal for the next four months is to keep growing out my natural color and then one month before my wedding, maybe add a few soft and very subtle beachy highlights. 

I'm also wearing a long layer top from M for Mendocino. Can't wait to wear this with denim shorts in the summer. My jacket is Mackage, leggings are Aritzia, scarf is Oak + Fort and my boots are from Zara.