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I started JODIBLK.com in 2014 as a creative outlet to share my style and the things that inspire me.

I live in Toronto, Canada with my husband Jose. My mantra in life is - Less is more.

I look forward to sharing my life + style with you. xx


Jodi Blk Ombre Hair

I know we love fashion but can we talk about hair for a minute? I’m extremely particular (okay maybe neurotic) about my hair. I’ve been obsessed with ombre hair for years and I've had my fair share of good and really bad ombre highlights. Yes, there is a major difference between good and bad ombre. Bad ombre looks like you've dipped your hair in bleach. Good ombre looks like you've spent a month at the beach. Bad ombre is too dark on the top and too light on the bottom. Good ombre blends from root to ends. 

Finding a good hair stylist in a big city can be tough but finding a good one who can do great ombre is like finding a needle in a haystack. Introducing Guido Di Salle. He’s been in the hair game for 15+ years and has worked with top modeling agencies and celebrity stylists in the fashion and TV industry. I sat down with Guido after my visit to his salon in Yorkville to talk why & how he transformed my hair in such a subtle way. 

'When I looked at Jodi's hair, I immediately felt that her ombre could use fine-tuning. Her color wasn't completely off but it needed adjustments to bring it back to life. First, I blended her natural dark brown root color with the lighter ombre highlights to soften the harsh line. I did this free hand to control exactly how far down her ombre begins.

Next, I put a glaze all over the lighter parts of her hair. The reason I did this is because lighter hair struggles to shine so by glazing and sealing the hair, I can create more shine and manageability. I did this by using a signature colour enriched with macadamia oil.

The final and most important thing we did was a very minimal (but much needed) trim. When hair ends split, it becomes impossible for them to grow or mend themselves. By keeping the hair trimmed frequently and by taking very little off, we maintain the length and make the hair more manageable and healthy.'

- Guido Di Salle /  Guido@salondisalle.com / Guidodisalle.com / Intagram.com/guidodisalle


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