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I started JODIBLK.com in 2014 as a creative outlet to share my style and the things that inspire me.

I live in Toronto, Canada with my husband Jose. My mantra in life is - Less is more.

I look forward to sharing my life + style with you. xx


Titka Sports Bra
Titka Sports Bra
Titka Sports Bra

Fitness is an important part of my life because I have a health condition that causes chronic pain and physical limitations. I look normal on the outside but not so much on the inside. I believe that one of the reasons I was blessed with my fiance is because he's an amazing personal trainer. Over the years with his guidance and programming we've been able to manage my health issue and more importantly, prevent it from worsening.

I remember the first time he encouraged me to go for a walk. I was in crazy pain, crying and felt hopeless. He suggested we go for a short walk around the block just to see if it helped. The walk lasted 7 minutes at snail speed. That's as far as I could go at the time but with his dedication and my determination we've been working hard for 6 years to build my strength. 

It might sound crazy but I'm kinda grateful for my condition because it forced me to take my health and wellness very seriously. I know some of you may be dealing with health issues of your own so I just wanted to share my story to hopefully inspire you to go on that first walk and take that first step. 

I've seen the direct effect that diet and exercise can have on one's quality of life. I now place great priority on my healthy lifestyle. I've also lost 30 pounds over the last 3 years thanks to Jose's influence and guidance. Health isn't something to take for granted because it can change in an instant.

I go to the gym at least four times per week so I have a pretty sweet collection of workout clothes. I recently stumbled upon Canadian brand, Titika Active Couture. I like their stuff because it feels like regular street wear. I love the longer length of this sports bra, it's borderline a top. The cutouts in the back are sexy and the fit is amazing. I had the chance to preview their new spring 15' collection at the Lotus Leaf #PressDays Event last week and totally have my eye on more than a few items. 

Here are a few basic healthy living tips to try.

  • Stay away from fancy flavoured coffee drinks. If you don't like regular coffee, then you probably shouldn't drink it.
  • Every morning I have a green smoothie with protein for breakfast (frozen banana, protein, spinach, almond milk, avocado, almond butter)
  • Walk as much as you can. I walk everywhere, even in winter. It's a great way to move your body.
  • Go to one yoga class a week. It keeps me calm and focused and stretches my body.
  • Use light weights. It's important for women to maintain muscle mass as they age. It keeps your skin tight.
  • Limit sugar intake as much as possible. Sugar is probably one of the worst things you can consume.
  • Maintain a healthy balance between health and enjoying the things you love. I follow the 80/20 rule and it works for me. 
  • Have patience. It took me three years to lose 30 pounds. Extreme dieting isn't safe or productive.

If you'd like to learn more about my healthy lifestyle, fitness regime or meal plan, leave a comment below and I'm more than happy to share. 


 Titika 'Princess' Bra 

Nike Roshe from Holt Renfrew