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 pictures from TorontoLife

pictures from TorontoLife

I'm a big believer in the power of positive thoughts and the power of the universe. Whatever thoughts you put out into the universe, that's what the universe gives you back. I've recently been trying to put this into regular practice, telling the universe exactly what I want.

Real example - I really, really wanted an HBC blanket ( don't we all ) but couldn't justify the price. I decided to put that thought out there and then I forgot about it. Yesterday my boyfriend came home with ... you guessed it - the blanket. One of his clients apparently had just bought a few of them and decided to randomly give one to him..... random! When he came home and I saw it, I was's actually kind of creepy.

Regardless, the house above is MY DREAM HOME. If someone said, Jodi, please draw us your dream home, this would be it. The only problem is, this house is 2 million dollars.... no biggie, if I put it out there..... maybe one day I will have my more modest version of this home. For now I will be grateful for my tiny but beautiful condo. ( UNIVERSE - I hope you read my blog )

 Deets on this house